Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not Into It

Man I really haven't been into blogging lately. It's not that I'm down or that I'm so busy I can't. I just haven't really had much to say. I know that alone is shocking! Not much is going on around here worth blogging about. Things are really kinda blah right now. Nothing great but nothing horrible either. We are just moving along which I suppose is good. It makes me antsy though. I'm ready for some excitement or a change or something. I don't handle boring old life very well. I'm used to a little more action I guess....

Clickin Mama

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Julie said...

I know how you feel! I've been antsy to plan a quick get-a-way, or something like that, just to have fun plans to look forward to! I even booked a bed & breakfast, and then canceled a few hours later after coming to my senses about how money is tight. But I'm trying to plan fun things in my own city to do that are cheap or free. Mike and I are going to play "Chicago Tourists" on our week off in August. There are so many things I've never done in my own city because they were "touristy", but now I'm just gonna have fun doing just that and spend some good quality time with my hubby. :)