Sunday, October 18, 2009

13 Minutes

I took a shower today and I even brushed my hair afterwards before I threw it in a ponytail. I put on clean clothes and even applied a little bit of makeup. I did this in 13 minutes. Pretty quick I thought. The Hulk was watching a Sesame Street video. But when I left my room after just a 13 minute break I found that the video was playing but obviously The Hulk was doing other things. Because this is what I found.

"Hi Mama" is what he said while I took this picture. So charming son. It appears that he brought every blanket he could find into the living room and also dumped out all his blocks and puzzles. And of course all of that wildness makes you hungry so he went and got the ENTIRE box of crackers! And since he had to dump the crackers on the floor I'm guessing he actually was trying to use his vacumn to clean up the mess. 13 minutes folks!

This is the cabinet he got the crackers out of. Notice the child lock?!? Note to self those things SUCK!


Apparently The Hulk looked a couple of other place before he found the snack he wanted...

So that was the best 13 minutes of the day for both of us...

Clickin Mama

1 comment:

Melba said...

Oh gees...the things I have to look forward to!!

A lot can happen in 13 minutes!

He sure is adorable though...