Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Late Night

This week is the first week that I'm leading a children's support group at work. So every Wednesday evening for at least the next 8 weeks will be a late night. I hate being away from The Hulk in the evening but it does give me some time to flex out during the week which is nice. Then I have a few hours available during the week to use if doctor's appts. or photo sessions or any other random things pop up which is a nice buffer. Since I have no sick time available it might be what gets us through flue season!

So on Wednesday nights The Hulk is spending the evening with his Pops. I think they enjoyed week one. I know they spent some time playing, drinking juice, and watching Ice Age. Rather than being put to bed like I do with the boy Pops doesn't like him to cry or fuss at all so he got to watch the movie till he fell asleep. Funny how grandparents can break all the rules and get away with it right. :-) It is probably good for The Hulk to have the time away from me for some spoiling, unhealthy food and mindless movie time. Making memories right....

Clickin Mama

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