Sunday, October 4, 2009

Busy Times

It has been a very busy weekend. Lots of photo sessions, a wedding to shoot, and some senior pictures. A little boy to wrangle, yard work to do and beautiful fall weather to enjoy. So in the midst of all that I decided to overhaul my photography website too. I was just sick of the old pictures and thought it was time to showcase some newer images. So I'm hoping you all can take the time to visit it and give me some feedback. It still just doesn't feel quite right to me. I don't know what is off. So please if you have a chance go take a look at Wagoner Photography and let me know what you think. What do you like or dislike? What should I add or take away? Feedback would be fabulous!

Thanks so much!

Clickin Mama


Julie said...

I feel like the photos on the opening page need to have more of the WOW factor. As I look through your galleries, I see some very stunning photographs that I think are a lot more impressive and should be up on the main page to grab your viewer's attention. For example, the photo of the senior boy with the blue background, and the black & white pic of the kids' legs. Those 2 are just beautiful works of art and I think those kinds of photos should be front and center to show your talent at the very start. From what I can tell, your main page photos at the moment are a sampling of the different pairings of photos you do, right? (couples, families, portraits, etc.) My advice is to scrap that concept and only show your most stunning, impressive, beautiful photos on the main page. It's quite clear from the main page what kinds of photos you do, as they are all listed above and easy to navigate. I hope this helps! You've got amazing talent Clickin Mama, and I think you need to show it off more at the very beginning, because you really have only about 10 seconds to grab the viewer's attention before they decide to continue looking through your site, or just jumping to another site all together.

Julie said...

Oooh also you should ask previous clients for reviews. It would be great to see a page of client quotes. I know when I was looking for my wedding photographer, I wanted to read about how well he worked with his clients and reading his "kudos" page really helped me feel more confident with booking him.

Janis said...

Looks great to me but I'm not good about that stuff! :) I liked all your pics! :)