Friday, October 2, 2009

What's In Your Purse?

Last night I was in a hurry to get out the door. The Hulk was a little crabby and we were already running late. And I could not find my keys. I was digging and digging in my huge yellow purse and couldn't find them. So in a desperate attempt to find them before midnight I just dumped my purse out on the kitchen table. And look at the crap that was in it! No wonder I couldn't find my keys!!!! And no wonder it weighed about 18 hundred pounds!


Do you see this huge pile of crap. Can you make out any of it? You can see not one but two wallets. And a lot of trash. How about that straw?!? And who doesn't carry around a bottle of Febreeze in their purse? Notice the pill bottle. Yeah that is Klonipin. Any questions on why I take that after seeing the contents of the bag. Maybe because things are CHAOS!!!
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The real question is what do you not see in the pile. Oh that's right my KEYS! They were actually not in the bag. So all of this stuff was dumped out for nothing. The keys were in the dog treat bin. Because that is where I always keep them! Gotta love toddlers.


So after we got home I sorted through all the stuff. After throwing away the trash the actual objects that were found in my purse included.

2 wallets
3 cell phones (1 working, 1 broken but I'm hoping fixable enough to get my numbers off of some day, and 1 that is totally trashed)
A book and a toy elephant
A bib that says lock your daughters up
My prescription for happy pills and some alergy medicine
3 lighters
lip stick
2 compacts
A magazine voucher
4 pens
My diabetes med injection
That orange cup is filled with all the change from the purse
Hair tie
Work badge
Work keys (2 sets)
2 magnets with the child abuse reporting number on them
And a coupon for brown rice
The Hulk' immunization book
A bookmark

So what is in your purse????

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