Wednesday, October 28, 2009

19 Months


Another month has passed by quickly which means that The Hulk is 19 months old now! He is turning into quite a little boy. While I still sneak a snuggle from time to time he has begun to think of himself as Mr. Independant. He wants to do it all on his own. It doesn't matter if that means climbing in the bathtub on his own or trying to put on his own shoes. No matter what he thinks he is Mr. Big Stuff. So I let him believe it and try things and then I follow along behind helping when he gets to frustrated or kissing the injuries when his attempts lead to accidents. While it can be unsettling it is also really cool to watch him figure things out.
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This month The Hulk man has of course learned some new things.

He can open doors now. Which brings about a whole new world of terror for me!

He can now kick a ball rather than just throwing it like last month.

He sleeps in his big boy bed almost every night. It seems like one night a week he ends up in my room about midnight or so.

The Hulk says no to everything. You can ask him if he wants a banana and he says no, but he means yes half the time. So weird.

He thinks it is hilarious to run up to you or other kids and pretty much body slam them or you. Not so cool or funny when the kids are smaller then him. (we are working on that)

He loves to be outside and is becoming quite the collector of outside treasures that he finds. He likes to store rocks, leaves, dirt, pieces of mulch, etc in his pockets.

Now we will have to wait and see what month 20 brings... It's always an adventure!

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Melba said...

Hard to believe how quickly he's growing up...the photos are darling!! I have a bittersweet relationship with the whole independent phase of toddler hood. It is such joy to watch them grown and discover, but also very scary when it doesn't go so well and they get hurt!

You are an awesome mommy!!