Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pictures and Pumpkins

This weekend I had a fun Fall photo session for kids. Pictures and Pumpkins was a pretty good success for the first attempt at a promotion and for it being incredibly cold. I was pleased with the turnout. In fact it was good enough and I've had enough people call so far this week wanting sessions that I'm doing it again on Sunday. Here are some pics of a few of the kiddos that turned out. Some wore costumes and some just came as their adorable selves. It was lots of fun to meet so many new people!


After I took pictures of all the other kids I thought I'd get a few of The Hulk. Well he wasn't to game on the idea of just sitting and smiling. He is more of an action kid. He also really enjoys throwing gourds of benches, knocking over scare crows, and eating props. I may not have gotten the picture I was planning on but I got quite a few that just make me laugh.

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Melba said...

That's great news!! Very good idea for a way to get people interested!