Sunday, October 11, 2009

Not As Planned

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When I head out on a photo shoot like I did Friday evening with Miss D I usually have a plan in mind. I have a few locations that I think may be a good fit for the person. I have a few shots I know I want to get. And I usually have a vision in mind. Even though I have that plan in mind my main goal is to really capture the person. Of course I want all the pictures to be beautiful and fun and amazing. But sometimes the picture that captures that person the best aren't the ones you may hang on the wall. And sometimes even the best laid plans don't work. Sometimes you really find the most beautiful pictures in the ones that happen not as planned.

The pictures above are for sure pictures that were not planned. I never planned on stopping at this location. I never planned on capturing those looks in Miss D's eyes. But as I was editing away this evening they are the ones that took my breath away. Of course we have plenty of other "beautiful" pictures. We have the classic yearbook picture, the silly pictures, the sexy pictures, the fun pictures. But these three are the ones that I think capture her and her story so well.

I won't tell Miss D's story here because it is her story to tell, not mine. But these pictures capture a bit of it. The half smile, the lonely eyes, the determined set to her jaw. They are a bit darker than I usually shoot but that all ties in. And I know that Miss D's life thus far has not gone as planned. I know that bothers her. But I hope she can remember that the most beautiful things in life are most often the things we don't plan for....

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Janis said...

sometimes those random pictures turn out the best! :) Nice job!

(did you get the box?)