Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Things have been going much better with The Hulk lately. In fact the temper tantrums have been cut down considerably. They still occur but are less frequent and don't seem to last as long. He is eating better and things seem to be much calmer all around. What a welcome relief!

While things are better I have caught myself saying some crazy things to him lately... Things like The Hulk we do not pee in the closet! We leave our diaper on or we go in the potty. And just in case you were wondering it is not appropriate to rub there noses in it and throw them outside. The Hulk did not like that one bit!
I also have been finding myself reminding him that dinosaurs, books, trucks, and most importantly his hands do not go in the toilet! Dinosaurs are particular hard to dislodge and cause the most violent overflowing to occur. Dinosaurs are just not made for standard bathrooms.

This whole toilet fascination is mind blowing to me. He is obsessed with it! I even found out that when a two year old holds the toilet paper over the toilet and flushes it half of the roll can be sucked into the toilet before it begins to overflow. Amazing isn't it. Seriously, he still can't talk in complete sentances, put on his own clothes, or even walk without regularly falling down but he can figure out how to do the craziest things. Children fascinate me.

So thing are much better but never ever boring here!

Clickin Mama

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