Thursday, January 28, 2010

Winds Of Change

The winds of change are a blowing here. I keep reminding myself that change can be a very good thing. So with that in mind I am pushing forward and embracing the changes as they come.

The first big changes are happening to our house! It has been freshly painted. And it has been lovingly deep cleaned. The dust bunnies have been evicted and the floors have be scrubbed. This has hasn't been this clean since we moved in! We have started packing some things up. Things that we don't use often that just contribute to clutter. We have packed them away to make the house look bigger. And we have sorted through so much stuff and we are letting go of lots of it. If we don't love it we are leaving it behind.

The other big changes are happening on this here blog. I like to think of it is safety spring cleaning of the blog. I've disabled right click capabilities on the blog and I've gone back and removed my boy's name from the blog. So if you don't know his real name you should now know his blog name is The Hulk! And I'm now clickin mama J. I can't believe I gave into the nickname thing but safety seems to require it. I never really thought anyone but family and friends would read this blog but things have changed. So we move forward and revamp. There are more changes coming but I'm trying to wrap my head around it all still and figure out the best way to do things.

So we embrace change and move forward. I hope you will join us!

Mama J


Janis said...

Sounds like you have been busy! I tried the no-name/nickname thing with my blog and it didn't work for me. I would get confused as would Grandmas and Grandpas so we are back to using the nickname for the girls but I don't use last names, our city or my hubby's name (since mostly everything is in his name).

Janis said...

PS. You can still right click on your blog - just read about that other blog claiming your boy ---that's just so scary!!! When you figure out how to do it will you let me know? We think that's a good idea!!!

Also your boy's name is still on your twitter updates on the right side of your blog. :)

Melba said...

How do you disable right clicks? I want to do that!