Saturday, January 16, 2010

She Was Funny!

My mom was a lot of things. She was really caring and kind. She was organized and responsible. But most of all when I think of her I remember that she was funny. Not a little funny but really funny! She made me laugh often and loudly. That is what I miss the most about her. Well that and her hugs.

But the last week or so as I've really been going through her things and mine and getting them sorted and purged I have been reminded of how funny she was. Today for example Heather and I were sorting cookbooks. I didn't know she had about 800 of them until today. So as we were deciding what ones to keep, what ones to let go I opened one up and there inside the front cover I found this note.

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This was Mom's! Why is this funny to me? Because my mom always got annoyed at how easily Heather and I could throw things away or give them away. She would always say "One day your going to throw something away that means something." So if it was something that was her mom's and was important to her then she would put a note on it. So that way we wouldn't throw that thing away after she died. And she started doing this long before she got sick. It was just her way of being funny about something that she took very seriously.

So today the microwave oven cookbook with the note on it got put in the keep pile. We tossed it there with a laugh. And just so you know we will probably never use that cookbook but we will look at that note in her pretty handwriting and laugh. And that is what means something. She was funny! She is still funny. And I sure love her!

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Melba said...

Oh wow, *sniffle* This is so incredibly...touching!