Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Confession

I have a confession to make. One that will probably leave me with some negative comments. But one that I think I'm not alone on. And I have to say it because I'm about to scream my bloody head off. I can't take it anymore. So are you ready for the truth? Can you handle the truth? Here it is!

Some days I really don't like being a mom!
I love my son every single day. And I love being a mom every day. But some days I really don't like it! Like today with the constant whining, 4 poopy diapers, every toy dumped onto the floor, three temper tantrums, 6 visits to the naughty spot, and thrown food found in places I didn't know food could go. I'm not liking being a mom! The constant redirection, singing of songs, teller of stories, picker upper of everything, and no time outdoors because it is 2 degrees has left me in a very unlikeable mom state.
Some days I really want to ram my head into a wall!
Because I feel like I do everything all the time and no one does anything for me. Sometimes I just want to say screw it and leave every toy on the floor. Sometimes I don't want to dress someone else or take care of someone else. Sometimes I don't want to be the one giving the hugs. I want a dang hug! And you know what sometimes I don't wanna be covered in someone elses snot or food or spilled milk. Crazy I know. But I'd like to put on an outfit in the morning and take it off in the evening and not have any unidentifiable stains on it. Can you imagine!
Some days I just want to rest!
I want to go somewhere for one night. I want to stay in a hotel or a bed and breakfast and lay in a quiet soft bed. I want to take a bath instead of a 4 minute shower. I want to shave my legs which I haven't done since I was in D.C. in JUNE! I want to sleep all night long without waking up to check on anyone. I want to not set an alarm. I want to eat my own breakfast while it is still warm. I want to slowly get ready in the morning without worrying about someone biting the hair dryer cord. Oh what I would give for one night away! Just the thought makes tears come to my eyes. I hadn't cried about all this until I wrote this paragraph. God I really need a day away.
So that is the truth. Will someone please please tell me that they feel this way sometimes too. Please tell me I'm not the only mama that is just not liking all this all the time. And please if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything.
Clickin Mama


JalenasMommy said...

Clickin Mama-YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! I have a 2 year old and I'm pregnant due next month. If anyone leaves you negative comments they are living in a fantasy world!!! Being a Mommy is a tough job! But the best job in the world! An old friend told me that being a Mom can be the lonliest job in the world! And it can be!! I would love a 30 minute shower, a night in a hotel alone, to blowdry my hair in peace, etc! Hang in there, when I have moments like this I remember how lucky I am to be a Mommy!! And The Hulk is so lucky to have you!! Don't feel bad!

Michelle said...

what city do you live in/near? i have an idea.