Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Seriously you all blow me away! When a mama begs for help you all don't hesitate! And people wonder why I blog? What a great support you all are. I'm thrilled at your responses! So many great ideas. It's amazing how when you are stuck in the situation how hard it is to see the solutions. But you all offered a lot of great options. The Hulk and I thank you!

Tonight was actually a wonderful night at our house. I've tried some of the things you all suggested and they are working. Tonight I really focused on slowing down and getting at his level to talk things thru. When he started throwing a fit tonight instead of instantly getting tense I tried to stay really calm and remind him to use words and we regrouped quickly. Hopefully we can keep moving in the right direction.

It also helped me so much to hear that so many of the rest of you with children the same age are also seeing similar behaviors. I know from my education that most of this is developmental but when it is your kid it's very easy to beat yourself up. It's hard to watch your child struggle and it's hard to feel like nothing your doing is working. So it is such a RELIEF to know I'm not doing this alone. My kid is not the only kid acting a fool from time to time.

So thank you! I really do feel much better. And your suggestions are all going to be tried. I'll keep ya posted!

Clickin Mama

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