Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Freaking Out

Well I'm a little bit freaked out. Tonight I received an email from another mommy blogger with a heads up that she thought she saw The Hulk's pictures on another blog. Sure enough I visited the other blog and there was my beautiful boy. But the other blogger was using his pictures and portraying him as a member of her family! Freaky. Like freaky enough to make me wanna puke. I don't know how to explain it but it's just really wrong.

So what to do now. I have already contacted the other blogger and demanded that the pictures be removed. I'm working with some folks on how to handle the situation. But what to do about my pictures and how to more forward with my own blog is something I need to put some real consideration into. So I'm going to be spending some time coming up with a plan on how to move forward. For the time being things will stay as they are. But changes are a coming. I hate this! I love blogging and I love blogging openly. I don't like nicknames, or watermarks, or fake identities. I just like to blog about us and our life and who and what we really are. But that doesn't seem safe anymore.

So I'm pondering how to move forward and still feel like my blog is really a true represntation of us. I may take the blog private for a bit until I figure it all out. I don't know. Much to think about...

Clickin Mama


Anna said...

When posting your pictures prevent them from being able to be right clicked and copied. I saw a post in that said, "All you need to do is just delete the href word on the HTML code of the picture." I don't know if it works but worth a try!

Michelle said...

you and me BOTH need to learn how to "watermark" our pictures - even if it's just a simple blog name across the sides or something - so nobody can do that with our pics! i have a xanga blog with TONS of personal pics and this is part of why my blogspot blog doesn't have many personal pictures other than of me.

Melba said...

UGH, this SUCKS!!! We (the blogging community) have been under attack lately in a big way and this is just another link in the chain. I am annoyed and disgusted for you.


Now I'm feeling creeped out too. I've tried hard not to let the other things, comments etc. bother me, but this is just too much. I might want to go private after all, which is something I REALLY don't want to do!