Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Da Da Heather

Top Ten Reason's "Da Da" Aunt Heather Is The Best!

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1. She always plays with me, gives the best hugs, and is a very good wrestler!

2. When my mama is sick she takes good care of me and lets my mama rest!

3. She picks out the best music for me and even learns all the words to the songs!

4. She lets me help her with her laundry and doesn't even get mad when I mix up all her colors and whites!

5. When we go see her at the big city she takes me to cool places!

6. She lets me get in her bed and wake her up in the morning even though she is still really sleepy and I get up early.

7. She doesn't get annoyed when I follow her around EVERYWHERE and mimic EVERYTHING she does.

8. She lets me call her "da da" even though it's a kinda silly thing to do.

9. When she travels to cool place like Las Vegas she brings me back cool shirts and cups and fun things.

10. She always makes my mama happy and we always have lots of fun when the three of us are together.

We sure love her!

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