Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mom's Are Always Right!

Flood cleanup continues and that is no fun. In fact there isn't much laughing going on around here. So if we can't laugh here we might as well get a chuckle out of some pics of Hulk man. Here is proof that mom's know best...

Me: Hulk do not put that shovel on the path. You will trip over it.

Hulk: Leaves the shovel on the path because he is two and doesn't have very good listening ears.


Hulk: Oh cool I found a ball. La de da la de da. I'm in my own little world.

Me: Hulk watch where your walking. You left the shovel on the path.

Hulk: I like my ball, I see grass, I don't hear my mom, I think I want a drink. La de da la de da.


Me: Hulk be careful!

Hulk: Trips but doesn't fall over the shovel.


Me: I told you not to put that shovel there.

Hulk: Cool a shovel! Where did that come from!

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And that is why mom's are always right!!!

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