Friday, May 21, 2010

First Day Of Preschool


Hulk survived his first day of Preschool. In fact he survived all three days this week. He was so excited about going on Wednesday morning that he had no patience for me and my camera at all. I kept trying to get him to stand by the door and let me take a picture and he kept saying go go go. So I got a few pics of crabby boy. Maybe next semester he will be more patient with me.

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The first day when I went to pick him up they told me that he was a "hoot". That could mean several things and knowing him I wasn't sure if it was a good hoot or a bad hoot. The teacher said he did great with the other kids. He used the potty four times and only fell in once. He ate all of his lunch and part of the kids sitting next to him. And he ran away a couple times and went to other classrooms. But she assured me it was normal. UGH.

Day two I went to pick him up and the gym door was closed which I thought was odd since it has always been open on our visits. So I go in and he is wearing a belt with bells while playing. They explained that he is pretty sneaky and the bells help keep track of him. I explained that is the story of my life! I should get some bells for at home.

Day three, today I went to pick him up and she said he did super! He went potty in the toilet 5 times and never fell in! He only ate his own lunch and took a good nap. And the best part is they got to leave the classroom door and gym door open today. She said that he actually stopped and came back to where he was supposed to be every time she called him. So progress!

And he has brought me home a painting! I think I like this school thing and so does he!

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Melba said...

The bells are hilarious! In all my work in preschool classrooms, I've never seen that one but I love it. Will definitely have to tuck that away into my "teacher toolbox!"

Glad he's adjusting well to preschool...time sure does fly!