Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Flood Update

Wow it's hard to believe that it has been almost a month since the great flood. I feel like we have made very little progress. Still so much to do to get this house back in order! While everything is now dry it is still not useable. In order to get things dry portions of the sheet rock had to be cut out and insulation removed. So now I am waiting on a contractor to replace the sheet rock and paint the rooms. After that is done the new carpet will be installed and then we can start using those rooms again.

Since Hulk doesn't have a bedroom he continues to sleep in my room. It is getting old. Neither one of us sleep as well so it's exhausting. Also my room is so crowded with stuff from the other bedrooms. So we can hardly walk around the extra furniture and whatnot that has been shoved into my room.

The living room looks like a toy box threw up in there! Every toy Hulk has is crammed in there. I have even gotten rid of quite a few things during this ordeal and still the rooms we can use are bursting at the seams. I'll be thrilled when we can spread out and use the whole house again!

So that's our story.

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