Sunday, May 23, 2010

Grow With Us

Oh look at our garden grow! If I wasn't a total dork before I am now! I'm in love with our little garden. In fact I'm mighty obsessed with it. I love to check on the plants every day to see how things are coming along. And Hulk loves to check on them too. This morning we did a happy dance because our cantalope sprouted and we have two little baby tomatoes. All of our watering and his hugs must be working. Because our garden is growing!!!


Melba left me a comment about all the things they have planted and it reminded me that I need to plant some strawberries. So that is our mission for this week. We still have some extra pots that we found at garage sales so I'm thinking we will fill them with strawberries. I don't know how I forgot them to start with. So thank you Melba for the yummy reminder!

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Is anyone else gardening? If so what have you planted? Am I missing anything fun?

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Holleyberry said...

Well, not that you'd want to eat much dill or parsley, but I have discovered that butterflies love it. I have already had 2 beautiful green and yellow caterpillars and more tiny ones growing each day! They will eventually be black swallowtail butterflies! So pretty.