Thursday, May 6, 2010

Flood Progress

It has been almost a week since the flood. What a busy week it has been. The fans and dehumidifiers have been running since Friday morning. Trust me we are getting sick of living in the wind tunnel! But last night when I got home there were only two fans left and 2 dehumidifiers. So we are making progress. I think maybe they will be able to pull the equipment late this afternoon. That would be nice.

They have only had to remove a small portion of sheetrock and insulation in one bedroom rather than two or three like they originally thought. So that is a very good thing! Once the equipment is out and the carpets are cleaned we will make a decision on if the carpet is salvagable. Also once the equipment is the rooms can be repainted/new sheetrock. Hopefully that can start early next week.

This has been such a mess and a pain. Needless to say I'm pretty stressed and not sleeping much. I've really spent the last 24 hours trying to focus on the positives of this. The biggest positive is that I get to redo the bedrooms without much expense or manual labor of my own. I'm going to go ahead and give Hulk a big boy room now and I've had fun picking out decorations and paint for that. Think positive right!!!

So we continue to swim along.

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