Monday, May 17, 2010

Not Me Monday

Wow I haven't done a not me Monday in awhile. Life just gets in the way of blogging sometimes.... So here goes.

I did NOT sit down to pay bills last night and cry. I did NOT cry tears of joy that after paying all the bills and putting $50 in savings there was still $37 in my checking account! I would NOT get so emotional over such a thing.

I did NOT let Hulk sleep on the bathroom floor because he wanted to and I really really wanted a break from having him in my bed.

I am NOT about sick and tired of having our house disrupted from all the flooding/construction issues. I am NOT considering doing the new sheetrock myself.

I did NOT play memory with Hulk 804 times over the weekend because it was raining and we couldn't go out and play. I did NOT explain to him 714 times that the watermelon and strawberries don't match. Just because they are both fruit does NOT mean they are a match.

I did NOT realize after game 21 that I have a ridiculous competitive side that I need to work on. He is 2 and I should NOT be thinking about how I'm gonna beat him at a game.

What have you NOT done lately.

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