Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Good and The Bad

The Good

I had a wonderful time with my family for Thanksgiving! I got to spend Thanksgiving Day with Heather, The Hulk, and my Dad's side of the family. Wonderful food, wonderful weather, and wonderful company! Then we were able to go to Tulsa to visit my Mom's side of the family. Again wonderful food, weather and people. Such a great time. Why does it have to end????

You know that pesky IRS audit that has been hanging over my head. The one where they said I owed them $10,000! Yes that one! Well my fabulous tax man finished everything up on our end and it appears they actually owe ME! And they owe me $4900.00. YAHOOOOOOO!!!!

The Bad

The ceramic tile in my kitchen is all coming up. I've lost about 10 pieces so far and it just keeps coming up. No good. Not only is it really unattractive it is also pretty unsafe for The Hulk. Let's hope that refund comes soon!

While I had a wonderful time with Heather on Thanksgiving Day we also had quite a mess on our hands. The sewer system backed up into the house so we spent a great portion of the day cleaning up sewer water. In fact 60 gallons of sewer water is what I got out of the carpet with the Wet Vac. YUCK YUCK YUCK!

Tonight I got home from Tulsa to start laundry and there was no hot water! UGH!

And I have no cell phone! I am in the process of changing cell phone providers and it seems the service got changed before I had a new phone so now I have a phone but no service. That sucks!

So that is the long and short of it folks. Lots of good stuff, lots of bad stuff. Hopefully the good will keep coming and we can push this bad out of the way!

Clickin Mama

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