Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Power Of Music

The other day I had a discussion with some of my friends about music. We got talking about those songs that really touch us. The ones that no matter where you are when you hear the words it takes you back to a certain moment. Those songs that touch your soul and can bring a person back to you for a moment. The songs that remind you of your first kiss, last kiss, and the best kisses in between. You know those songs! We all have a few that just get us. And I find it so interesting what songs really get other people. So I'll share mine if you share yours....

Josh Groban singing To Where You Are makes me cry every time I hear it. But that song reminds me that even though my mom isn't here it isn't far to her. It gives me reassurance that I'll see her again. And it reminds me that I can feel her if I quiet myself just long enough... The video of it is below.

Another song that really gets me is Let There Be Peace On Earth. That has always been one of my favorite songs. When I was a little girl I loved to sing it at Christmas. And even now I still love it! I guess I really do believe that if everyone let it begin with them there might really be peace on earth someday.

And the final one is Come Some Rainy Day by Wynonna Judd. I'm not a big Wynonna fan but that song amazes me. I hear it and it takes me to the day my sister was born. It's like I can see how perfect and new she was. It brings all those feelings back of how excited and amazed I was to have her. Love that song! Love that feeling!!! There is a line in the song that says "I still catch my breath when someone mentions you." And that's the truth about Heather. She really did take my breath away when she was born. I'd never felt a love like that before.

So those are my songs. What are yours???

Clickin Mama

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