Monday, November 9, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Oh what a wonderful weekend! So wonderful in fact that I really really wish that it was NOT Monday! But it is so I guess I'll share a bit with you about what I have NOT been doing...

I did NOT take a 3 hour long road trip with my baby to a little town in Western Kansas. I did Not count every passing minute in the car and pray we could somehow get there and back faster.

I did NOT allow my toddler to eat excessive amounts of cheese its and apple jacks to keep him content and not screaming. I did NOT answer his question of "what's dat" about 904 times. And I did NOT participate in the car dance off of the year with him while leaving his three favorite songs on repeat! I can promise that while all of that was NOT occurring I was also NOT thankful for the really silly memories we were building.

I did NOT get the child and myself to the small Kansas town to awaken Saturday morning really sick. Fever, body aches, cough, runny nose, flu symptoms galore. After talking with my best friend and nurse I did NOT contact my doctor and get a prescription for Tamiflu called in for me. And the cost of Tamiflu is NOT ridiculous and did NOT overdraft my checking account. ARGH!!!

I did NOT take my expensive meds and start feeling well enough to enjoy a beautiful wedding, capture some great pictures and dance like a wild woman! I did NOT have an amazingly wonderful time and wish like crazy we could do it again soon!

I did NOT get a speeding warning on my way home. And I did NOT wish like crazy I could call in sick to work today to recover from the weekend fun and sickness!

What did you NOT do?

Clickin Mama

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