Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ready To See My Family

Wow I'm really ready to see my family. I've been missing them like crazy lately. Luckily Thanksgiving is just a few days away! Heather is coming home tomorrow night and then we are going to see my Dad's side of the family on Thursday. Yeah! The Hulk hasn't seen grandma and grandpa the great in awhile. And my aunts and uncles will be there too. Should be lots and lots of fun!

Then Friday the boy and I are hitting the road and heading to Tulsa. I'm so missing my aunts it's not even funny. I totally don't have the money to make the trip but I sold a couple art prints this week just so I could go. I have never pushed so hard at selling something in my life. But I really really need to see my people. So pushy sales lady I am. I haven't seen the crazy aunts since the 4th of July! That is too long. So roadtrip it is. Let's hope the bathroom stops go better on this trip than on the last.

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