Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Remember That Time....

Remember that time a truck drove into my house... Oh yes I remember it like it was yesterday! Oh wait that was just yesterday. It is true a truck took a slight detour and went off roading in my yard!

I had just dropped The Hulk off at daycare yesterday when I got a call from the police department asking me to come to my house because in the officer's words, "a guy drove his truck into your house." So I envisioned a truck sitting in my living room! But when I arrived home it wasn't that bad. The truck actually came up my drive way, hitting my trash cans, through the yard and flower beds, and back out of the yard to knock over the neighbors tree. So it didn't actually go into the house. The trash cans and debris from the landscaping did break the front door but otherwise all the damage was too the yard.

Here are a few pics but they don't really capture what the yard actually looks like. There are lots of ruts and what not and one other flower bed was damaged but I didn't get it in the pics. But it could have been SO much worse!

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In fact the route the truck took through the driveway was right in the path of where my car usually sits. It also is right where I would have been loading The Hulk in the car to go to daycare about 10 minutes earlier. And it is also where 9 children gathered about 20 minutes before that to get on the school bus. So the entire neighborhood is feeling very blessed tonight that none of our children were hurt! This morning as I walked out of the house with The Hulk I actually felt a little nervous. I've never worried about getting hit by a car in my yard before but it gives you a different perspective. We really are so fortunate that all of our kids were safe! The total loss was 4 mailboxes, two trash cans, one tree, 10 yard lights, a screen door, landscape timbers, and my yard. All things that are fixable!

Who knew I'd feel relieved that my yard was destroyed! Amazing how kids change your perspective on things!!!

Clickin Mama


Julie said...

Holy crap. I just can't get over that you were standing right in that spot just 10 minutes before! That is unreal!!! Thank God the 2 of you and the house are OK. And I'm guessing the driver was OK too?

Janis said...

So glad you are all okay! It's amazing how many "near misses" we survive each day! Praise God!

andis said...

How funny Clickin Mama, the adds on this blog about the car in you yard were, landscaping and insurance!