Saturday, November 7, 2009


Today would be my mom's 60th birthday. How crazy is that! I try to wrap my mind around what she would be like at 60 and I just can't. I have a feeling she would get a kick out of being 60. We would have had a big old party. Her sisters and brothers would have put together some silly games and decorations for her. I can just picture them decorating a walker or something for her. I can almost imagine how wild and funny they would all be. But my mom won't ever be 60....

Clickin Mama


Janis said...

I am so sorry your mom is no longer with you! I am so glad you seem to have such happy positive memories! :)

God Bless!

Melba said...

So sorry your mom is gone, but glad you are able to take the day to remember her all the same.