Sunday, November 22, 2009

Camera Fun

This weekend I had 6 photo sessions. What a busy busy time. But also very fun. These are some pics from a family session I did. I think they are kinda funny. Of course I got all the traditional Christmas card stuff too but I always love the random pictures that really kinda capture family dynamics or people the best. So they always seem to be the ones I pick to share. I would take a funny picture over a traditional pic any day!

Honestly I'm loving my photography work so much. I wish it was all I had to do. I'm getting busy enough that it really is taking about 30 hours a week. So while wonderful it is wearing me out. Or in all honesty my real job wears me out but I have to do it so I can have insurance for The Hulk and I. Dang that health insurance! I wish I could just take pictures everyday! Maybe some day.....




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