Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Medicine Is Weird

Today I went to the doctor because I coughed all night long. And then this morning it kinda felt like a really fat man was sitting on my lungs. And when I breath there is a rattling sound and it feels like I can't get air. Probably good signs I should go to the doctor right. So I go and the doctor said it's a good thing you came in and gave me a breathing treatment right away. Now I know why The Hulk isn't such a big fan of those. They make you feel really weird. He also gave me lots of prescriptions. I have an antibiotic, two inhalers, breathing treatments, and cough medicine. Lots of medicine my friends! I feel a flash back from when The Hulk was in the hospital in March. I have almost the exact same meds he did then. It makes me sad to think that he could have possibly felt this yucky! I feel horrible and I can describe how I feel. That poor kid wasn't even one yet. Poor guy!

Anyways I get home with my car full of meds and start taking them out of the bags and reading directions and what not. And I notice something odd. On the direction sheet with my antibiotic it says DO NOT TAKE WITH FOOD. It lists all these reasons why you should take it on an empty stomach. Mainly it absorbs better on an empty stomach. But then I look at the bottle and it has a little sticker that says take with food! Seriously?!? So do you take it with food or without food? Shouldn't someone clarify that? So since I don't feel like eating I just took it on an empty stomach. I haven't blown up yet so I'm guessing that is okay.

Medicine is weird!

Clickin Mama

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