Monday, June 8, 2009

April Rose.... Fact or Fiction

Wow my email has gone crazy today/tonight with emails about April Rose. For those of you that haven't been following the blog about April Rose I'll give a short version. The April Rose blog was started by "B" a 20 something unwed Christian pregnant girl. She stated she was pregnant with a little girl "April Rose" that had been diagnosed with Trisomy 13. "April Rose" was not expected to live. "B" maintained strict annonymity on her blog but was active in the blog community and has a bunch of followers. Well last night "B" delivered "April Rose" at home and she was born alive. Now today things have blown up and many people believe the blog is a fraud and that there really was no pregnancy or baby "April Rose".

So in answer to many emails I have NO information about "April Rose". I do not know for sure if this story is fact or fiction. I will provide links to various blogs that offer testimony both ways at the bottom of this post. I think the best advice I can give is to read the information available and make your own decision. It is not my place to judge what is true or not.

While I have no direct information about his blog I can give you my opinion on a few of the main issues.

1. Prayer is never wasted. Many readers are upset and feel that if this blog is a hoax that they have wasted time in prayer for "April Rose". My belief is that God hears every prayer and he knows what you will pray before you pray it. So if you are praying for a real baby or not God heard those prayers. In all honesty we all took the risk in praying for an unknown child. God heard those prayers and petitions and took them seriously. We may not have been praying for the "April Rose" we thought we were praying for but there are many children not known to us that need prayers. So that time was not wasted. Any time we spend in communication (prayer) with God is valuable time.

2. Blogging has risks and benefits. The blogging community is a strange beast. If you aren't a blogger you will never understand it. Us bloggers form "relationships" with one another that feel very real but we always have to evaluate how real they are. For example, I have a blogging friend (Julie- Hi Miss Julie) that I feel I have a real relationship with. I have emailed with her, shared pictures with her, and hopefully will meet her in person one day if I can get my butt to Chicago! One of the benefits of that relationship is that we have developed a "relationship" if you can call it that. When my mom died Julie made a donation to the American Cancer Society in my mom's name and when Julie got married I sent her a gift. Those are benefits. Now the risk is that Julie may have made that donation in my mom's name and I could have been lying. Or I could have sent Julie a wedding gift and maybe she wasn't really getting married. You can never be sure. Luckily that has been a good blogging relationship. We each have to weigh the benefits and risks before we get invested in a blog.

So that's what I know. I am in no way going to tell you which way to go with the "April Rose" story. I go back and forth myself. But here are a few blogs that provide some information. I just pray for everyone involved in this deal to find peace and to handle the whole situation with grace.

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Lisa said...

I was an avid blog friend of april rose and I jsut went to the site and its GONE :( I think they were right :(

Queen Mama said...

I too was an avid reader and prayed for them. The site is now gone!!!!

Julie said...

Julie Nichols...Fact or Fiction???

FACT!!! :) I love that I know I have a good friend somewhere out there in Kansas and I really do hope to meet you and Mr. Man one day! That wedding gift you sent was SO awesome -- it was the most exciting and surprising gift I got for the wedding, because it was totally unexpected and I knew it came from the heart. I'll also never forget the day your Mom passed and feeling like it was happening to me too. We've got to get together!!!

p.s. I still owe Mr. The Hulk a 1st birthday gift! Please send me your address again (via email) so I can take care of that! All the house business got me sidetracked each time I thought of it.