Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Talking About Her

You know when you have someone close to you die no one really knows what to do. When my mom first died people were so wonderful about calling and checking on us. People sent cards and flowers and brought food. And then after awhile no one said anything about her anymore. It wasn't like my mom had just died it was like she never existed. I know people didn't talk about her because they thought it was to hard for me or would make me sad. But really it's just the opposite.

Today I got a quick little facebook message from one of my mom's friends. She just simply said she was missing my mom and that everytime she hears Alan Jackson's song it reminds her of her. It was a simple note that made my day! Not only did it remind me that other people still think of my mom it made me remember so really funny stuff about my mom.

My mom loved Alan Jackson. And long ago when he first got popular he came and played in our town. Mom was SO excited. And at the concert she laid down on the autograph table and had him sign her shirt. On her boob by the way! She was crazy like that. One of the reasons I loved her so. When she did something she really did something.

So thanks for thinking of my mom and thanks for sharing those memories with me. It really does mean a lot to me! Never hold back. I love talking about her!

Clickin Mama

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Beth in NC said...

Hi Clickin Mama, You're right. I don't mention people's loved ones who have gone ahead of us because I don't want to make them sad. Thanks for sharing this.