Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where You Been?

So the emails have started... Yes I'm alive... I have paid my Internet bill... I am not on vacation.... And no one is sick or injured! I've just been busy doing stuff. What stuff you ask?

Well how about rock climbing? Yes it's true I spent some time climbing rocks this weekend. In the heat of the day I climbed rocks, conquered waterfalls, and even had a small wipe out that left me with a nasty bruise. But I got some kick ass pics like these....

Stuff like chasing toads out of my house... The dog chased one in and I had to try and get it out. Not hard except an excited jumping Schnauzer and a toddling screaming 1 year old make everything a bit more challenging.

And by toddling I mean The Hulk is getting better at walking every day. He is also getting better at climbing, talking, and being silly! So I spend a lot of time managing things like this....

Oh and it's been really hot! And very busy at work! And I'm just beat! But really I promise we are doing good!!!

Clickin Mama

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Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Those pictures are awesome! You have been a busy lady!