Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Well this week I can promise you I was perfect. I did NOT do anything even slightly embarassing. I did NOT cut any corners, I followed all the rules, and I cooked everything we ate from scratch. Okay maybe NOT everything....

I can tell you for sure that I did NOT feed my baby his first happy meal this week. I did NOT in a hurry to get to the pool give him chicken nuggets! NEVER!

I also did NOT leave him in the pool past his regular bedtime because I was having too much fun to leave. I also did NOT relish in the fact that swimming completely exhausts him and he sleeps like a log.

I did NOT almost scream for joy when I opened the GPS unit from my Dad and Cricket! I do NOT think it's an amazing birthday gift. I do NOT desperatly need a GPS because I do NOT get lost!

I did NOT get so busy this week that I actually forgot about blogging. I would NOT do that! Blogging is my priority!

I did NOT consider buying foam padding to cover the entire house to protect The Hulk while he learns to walk.

So what did you NOT do this week?

Clickin Mama

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