Friday, June 12, 2009

Flash Back Friday

When I was a little girl I was always fascinated by my Grandma's journals. She had these big orange journals that she always wrote in. One journal for each year. She wouldn't write a lot in them, just little notes about the day really. But I always loved them and wanted them. And when I was about 8 I wrote her a letter and asked her if I could have them one day. After she passed away that letter was tucked inside her journals and sure enough I got them. They now sit in my home and I love them as much today as I did when I was a little girl.

But as much as I love them I rarely open them and read them. So I have made a decision that every Friday is now flash back Friday. So each Friday I'm taking one of the journal out and reading a little bit. Since so much of my family reads my blog I thought they might enjoy Flash Back Friday too. So here are some snippets of what was happening during this week in 1979.

June 6th

Loaded corn all day, 3 loads, windy and warm. 90 degrees

June 7th

Loaded milo today, 3 loads, Jr. brought Sara out this morning, Adair is teaching Bible school. I took her home in the afternoon and had my hair done.

June 8th

Loaded milo today, 4 loads, cloudy and cool today. Adair came after Sara after dinner. Picked 14 boxes of strawberries.

June 9th

Light rain all day. Charles worked in the shop on mower and engine. I made two pie crusts and froze them. Also mended overalls for Charles and cleaned out refrigerator.

June 10th

Church this morning. We ate lunch at Dairy Queen. Junior, Adair, and Sara also. Then we came home and picked berries. We had a nice visit.

June 12th

Charles a Hiawatha in afternoon. He mowed the yard this evening. Mowed back pasture this morning.

Clickin Mama (And Grandma)


Beth in NC said...

That is so cool. What a sweet gift to receive from your grandmother.

2blessed2stress said...

That is very cool! its so amazing to be able to read about a past time!!! (Could you possibly put a "character list" for the week so we know who "charlie, adair" are etc? And whats milo? LOL I loved the "i did this and this and this... and got my hair done"! WTG Grandma! :)