Thursday, June 11, 2009


I've been feeling kind of yucky lately. I credit my crazy blood sugar for a lot of it. Just really tired, achy, and overall blah! So since I'm working really hard right now to get my blood sugar in check I decided to pull out all the stops. I really want to get back to feeling good all the time. Summer is too fun to waste feeling yucky.

So after talking it over with my chiropractor I've started a detox process. Hopefully this will help get some of the toxins (heavy metals, etc) out of my body. This in turn will hopefully help lower my blood sugar and increase my energy level.

I'm using the Ion Cleanse Foot bath to help detox. I go in to the chiropractor two times a week to do it. It only take about thirty minutes and is very relaxing. It also gets a bunch of disgusting crap out of my system! I've gone two times so far and I am starting to notice a difference. I do have more energy and my blood sugar always comes down for about 48 hours afterwards. I'm hoping that by the time I get done with the 10 sessions it will be staying down. But we will see. I'm willing to try about anything at this point. If only I could afford that lap-band surgery. That's what I really want! But until then detoxing it is.

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