Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Truth About Toys

A blog reader recently emailed me and asked me what kind of toys The Hulk plays with. They were wanting to know if I let him have plastic toys or wooden toys. Do his toys play music, etc. Oh what a question. I hate to give my answer but I'll be honest and tell you the whole truth.

When The Hulk was first born I tried to limit his contact with plastic. That dreaded BPA was not going to touch my baby! So I made his toys (cloth blocks and balls), bought him wooden toys, organic toys, etc. Then I got tired and he got a mind of his own. Guess what he loves plastic balls! Seriously loves them! And guess what else I let him have them. In large quantities. He also loves the little people toys, and his little people airplane and dump truck play music that he enjoys dancing and clapping too.

He has lots of toys that play music, say the ABC's, count, etc. But most of those toys have an on and off switch. So I leave them turned off for the most part and let him use his imagination. When I do turn them on is when we play together. We will clap with the music and sing along. I am not against electronic toys but I think they need to be used in moderation. I also think that there should be more quiet toys than noisy toys. Imagination and creativity can get lost in the "noise".

One thing I have been trying to do more of lately is what I call "real toys". Basically these are real objects around your house that kids turn into toys anyways. I try to at least for an hour or so on the weekends pull out those "real toys" and let The Hulk play with them. Not only is this great for his imagination but it's also a "green" way to reuse some items that maybe would have been thrown out. I hate waste!

For example last Saturday I let The Hulk sit inside a big Rubbermaid box (with the lid off). I put all kinds of "real toys" in the box and he played for more than an hour and had a blast. What things went in the box....

A couple disposable plastic cups
Balled up aluminum foil
A few sheets of wax paper
Wooden Spoon
Empty Cool Whip container
A water bottle with pennies in it that was tightly sealed
A few pieces of scrap tulle
A few pieces of scrap felt

He loves all of these items. There are all different textures and sizes of toys. He likes the sounds he can make with the different items. And he loves to hide things under cups and bowls and find them.

So that's the truth about The Hulk' toys....

Clickin Mama

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Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

I love to watch my son play...he is so much more creative than when I am playing with him and if he catches me peaking he gets embarassed - so I have to be sneaky.