Friday, June 26, 2009

Flash back Friday is a glimpse into the past courtesy of my grandma (Thelma's) old journals. Thanks to reader suggestions I will provide a character list so you don't feel so lost. Since some of the people died before I was old enough to really know them I hope my family will comment to straighten it out if I list someone incorrectly.

Julie mentioned last week that she was born in 1979 so today we journey back to Julie's birthday January 15, 1979!

Charles- My Grandpa (married to Thelma)
Kenny Mcauley, Streibs, Lamberts- (Neighbors/Friends of my Grandparents)
Dee and Keith- My parents! (Grandma's daughter and son-in-law)

January 15, 1979

Charles worked with tractor and blade again this morning and after lunch. Kenny McCauley here with the snow mobiles. Dee and Keith rode them for awhile this evening. Charles also cleaned Streibs and Lamberts driveways out. Near zero most of the day.

So Julie it was cold snowy day in Kansas when you were born! If any of you have a day you would like me to check out let me know.

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Julie said...

That makes perfect sense. I was born in the middle of the great Chicago Blizzard of '79! Sounds like it crippled most of the Midwest that week.