Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Washington Day Two

My second day in Washington started out a little rough. I was not staying in the same hotel where the conference was being held. So I asked the concierge at my hotel how to get to the other hotel. He gave me directions, told me what metro route to take, etc. Very nice except he was completely wrong! So I walked and walked and walked some more! By the time I got to the conference I was 2 hours late!

But the conference was wonderful. I went to three really good workshops. And the lunch speaker was very good. He was humorous and he had some great ideas that I'm anxious to try. I met up with about 10 other people from Kansas and also met some folks from other neighboring states. Did lots of networking and learned a lot.

As the conference day was ending I asked someone were the closest metro station was since I had walked so far this morning. They told me the Chinatown metro was about 3 blocks away. Hmmm that can't be right I thought. The Chinatown metro was the metro I got on at that morning and it is only 3 blocks from my hotel. But in fact they were right. My hotel was only 6 blocks from the conference! I didn't even need to ride the metro!!! How crazy!

So on my walk back to the hotel that night I stopped at the American Art museum and toured the portrait gallery! Loved it. Some amazing portraits! After that I hopped on a double decker bus and toured the city. That was a blast too. What a great cheap way to get around town and see the sites. After the conference and the sightseeing I was beat. But I did watch plenty of TV that night. I love me some Anderson Cooper. Oh how I've missed him!

Here are the day two pictures!

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