Sunday, September 27, 2009


Well my dog has a barking problem. The problem is that she barks CONSTANTLY! See my neighbors have about 30 cats and that is not an exaggeration. And whenever she sees a cat she barks like crazy. With that many cats around that pretty much means she barks all the time. So I was at my limit and about to go crazy. Rather than killing the dog or the cats I decided to try one of those ultra sonic bark stoppers. I wasn't very optimistic that it would work but I went ahead and spent the $29.00.

Oh friends that is the best $29 I have ever spent! It works amazingly well. She starts to bark and I press the button and it stops. Like it instantly stops. Not only does it instantly stop but I've noticed that it has started to prevent her from barking so much in the first place. Amazing!!! I love it.

So the real question is do you think they make something like that for toddlers?

Clickin Mama

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