Friday, September 18, 2009

A Blur

This week has just kind of gone by in a blur. It's hard to believe it's been one week since The Hulk' seizure. It feels like just yesterday. But we were sick and out of our routine for so much of the week that it's just all jumbled up. We are so scheduled that when we get off course it really throws a wrench in everything.

But I'm thrilled to say that he has done wonderfully this week. He has just been in a great mood and seems to be feeling very well. I'm so thankful that he is okay! I'm even starting to feel better also. Hopefully we will have a nice fun relaxing weekend!

As a side note my very pregnant best friend Darby is now on bed rest. She is doing great and will be 35 weeks pregnant with twins tomorrow! But her blood pressure was a little high so the doctor says no more working 12 hours shifts in the ER. So she doesn't have to do strict bed rest but mainly more rest then tended to crisis these last few weeks of her pregnancy. I'm hoping to maybe get some maternity pics done for her this weekend! I'm afraid if we don't get them done soon this little people will make their debut.

So that's the plan for us for the next few days. Are any of you doing anything fun this weekend?

Clickin Mama

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