Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Three Musketeers

My lovely nieces Mattie and Kerrington are back from their long stay in Michigan with their Grandma. I missed their little faces like crazy! So since they were back home we decided to have a family bbq on Sunday. The kids played so well together. I think The Hulk and Mattie really missed one another. They played and laughed and there was NO fighting at all! In fact the only thing I had to get on them about was opening and closing the bedroom door. We were afraid that someone would get fingers smashed. Other than that the only thing we heard from them was laughing and silliness.

That was until they started getting hungry. I was in the kitchen trying to get food together and Shawn was grilling burgers and dogs outside. So the kids all thought they needed to be in the kitchen with me. Well three children under three under foot is about enough to push a woman over the edge! At least this woman. So in an attempt to keep them safe from spilled hot food or my fat foot stepping on them I gated them in the living room/toy area/fun rooms and out of the kitchen. You would have thought they were little refuges the way they acted.

Even though there are tons of toys in there and lots of fun things they all congregated at the gate to beg, or whine, or whimper, or scream. And they all somehow created a little role for themselves. Mattie is the most verbal so she did the begging, "peas let us in", "open this gate", "him real hungry", "Clickin Mamasssiiiiieeeee puuuuhlllleeasse". Lord that child can work it! Kerrington can only cry which she did plenty of. She can also pull up some so she pulled her little face up to the gate and squished it there and whined. And The Hulk is the muscle and the mouth of the group. He did the yelling and attempted to climb the gate or knock it over.

And since one day I'm going to tell them how crazy they all were I had to take pictures to prove it. Don't they look like a sad, pathetic, starving group of children. Those poor babies! Someone should really let them out of prison and give them a hamburger!

Clickin Mama

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Julie said...

"Won't somebody PLEASE think of the CHILDREN???" :) HAHA this made me giggle. :)