Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Favorite Things

Today marks the three year anniversary of my mom's death. That blows my mind! How that is possible I do not know. But I'm trying really hard to stay positive today. So instead of focusing on the one day she died I am trying to focus on the wonderful years she lived! So here are just a few of my favorite things that I ever did with my mama!

We would go to the pumpkin patch together every year. It's my favorite time of year and Halloween is my favorite holiday so we always made a big deal of our trip to the patch. One year we bought more than 300 pounds of pumpkin! One pumpkin alone weighed 112 pounds!!! And there was one year we got totally lost on the way home from the pumpkin patch. We took a "short cut" that took two hours. We laughed so hard we cried that day.

My mom always told the funniest stories. She had a way of being animated that killed me! She would pretend to be a raptor dinosaur from Jurassic Park and jump up on our coffee table. She talked like Edith Ann and would leave me funny messages on my answering machine. And she loved costumes! She would put on wigs and just act like a fool! I don't know how many afternoons we spent listening to her silly rhymes and laughing together.

I loved eating dinner with my mom. In fact it is one thing I miss the most. I loved just talking to her about things over a delicious meal she cooked. She could serve grilled cheese sandwiches or a fancy meal and it was always wonderful. She also didn't mind a little grape throwing fight at dinner from time to time.

And my most favorite thing to do with my mom was lay on the couch or sleep in bed with her. I know it sounds silly but I never feel safer then when I'm curled up next to my mom. She always let me lay on the couch and put my head in her lap and she would rub my head. God it would relax me like nothing else! And whenever I slept with her she always reached over and put her hand on my head or hair. I loved her touch.

So those are my favorite things! Now if your mama is still alive call her, hug her, and go love on her.

Clickin Mama


jodilee0123 said...

Thank-you for sharing! Even after a really long teething night. . . it was worth waking up to my baby girl's smile this morning. I hope she and Jakob will both want to sleep in bed with us every once in a while too! :0) You are going to pass on a lot of love to The Hulk straight from your mom! Hugs!

Kristin said...

Sorry to hear that you are dealing with the 3 year anniversary of losing your mother! That has got to be hard! Hope you are doing well with it. I can't imagine!


Amanda said...

I'm sorry... but I love how you remembered such wonderful things...that were small..but so BIG in your heart.


KLTTX said...

What a great way to remember your mom. My mom died 5 years ago on mother's day and I really need to focus more on the wondeful times we had together rather than the painful goodbye. Thanks for the reminder.

stillthinkingagain said...

Hi Clickin Mama,
I'm here from Melba's blog... I went back to your 2006 archives, and read all the way through til now. Your writing is beautiful, and I can so relate to your relationship with your mother. Just the small things you say about her... I found myself saying "me too" and nodding.

The 2-year anniversary of my mom's death is coming up (Sept 17th), and I'm dreading it horribly. It still feels like I'm in a bad dream, that this really can't be real. I still fight with the horrible images of two years ago, and what cancer did to her. I love that you used this post to remember the happy & good things. I may just borrow your idea next week.

Your little boy is precious... I know his Grandmama Dee loves watching him and loving on him from where she is.