Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Visiting Grandma Dee

Last weekend Heather and I took The Hulk to visit Grandma Dee. Of course we know she isn't really there but it's her place. And we like going there. It really is a peaceful and beautiful place. So we loaded the boy in the car and took him to visit. And visit he did!

I always figured that if my mom was alive and The Hulk went to visit he would tear her place apart. He is pretty wild and she always had nice things. And that hasn't changed much. The Hulk explored and rearranged everything we have decorating her grave. He even took off with some rocks and had to be chased down. Heather and I got a good laugh about it all because we know she wouldn't care a bit. She would get a kick out of his antics. So when he wasn't stealing things off graves he was running in the open, soaking up the sun and enjoying the fresh air. It was a beautiful day and we just enjoyed our time outside and together!

Whenever we are at the cemetery we always make sure to clean up around the place. We pick up the flowers that have died, reset overblown knick knacks, etc. And I guess The Hulk is now the official headstone vase cleaner! He took it upon himself to dig all the nasty leaves and debris out of the vases that were filled with old rain water. What a great helper he is! Crazy boys!
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Overall it was a very nice visit. I'm so glad we picked that place for mom. It really is a wonderful place to go. I figure we will go back next weekend and pack a picnic lunch. We are getting more rain this week so I'm sure there will be work for The Hulk to do.

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Melba said...

Oh wow...he's getting so big, the photos are priceless! Looks like you all had a good time and what a beautiful day too!!