Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Roman Polanski

Roman Polanski is making headlines once again. He has now been arrested and is being held and facing extridition back to the US to finally be held accountable for the rape of a 13 year old years ago. So why do the headlines not read "Rapist Captured" or "Rapist on the run no more"? Instead I keep seeing headlines that say things like "Flimmakers demand Polanski's release." It makes me want to throw up!!!

Seriously folks we need to take a long hard look at this. Since when does being a film maker mean you can drug and have sex with children. Since when does having a tragic incident in your life (his wife was a victim of Manson) allow you to victimize someone else? And why in the hell do we continue to allow people that are famous behave unacceptably. Just because you can make a movie does not give you the right to harm a child. It does not give you the go ahead to break the law, evade the law, and hide from the law!

I bet if we went to a prision and talked with the prisioners we could hear all kinds of stories. They could probably tell us about the tragic incidents in their lives. They could probably even tell us about some really wonderful accomplishments that they acheived prior to their incarceration. And I would even bet money that quite a few of them have family and friends that would like to demand their release. But no one has given these folks a free pass. No one has flown them to another country to live freely for years rather than face the fire for their crimes. Are we going to start giving all sex offenders a break now because they may do good things too or they may have a sad background?

Let's hope the legal system doesn't give into the hype. Let's hope that soon Roman is on a plane back here to face the music. And lets hope that this trend of excusing poor bahavior for celebrities comes to an end someday soon!

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