Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Best Day

Today was a wonderful day! Shawn took us all to brunch for Mother's Day and it was delicious. But get this the kids were on perfect behavior! I don't know how it happened but there was NO crying, no whining, no throwing of things, no spilled drinks or food, no fighting, and no blow out diapers. Mattie and The Hulk sat beside each other and played together and laughed. They ate their food and were so so so good! What a wonderful breakfast!

This afternoon we just hung out and relaxed. The Hulk got me a beautiful jacket for Mother's Day. I don't know how he got Aunt Heather the message that I needed it but he did. Thanks for picking that up for him Heather. :-) It was just a great day with my great boy.

Heather got some pics of us together today. So here we are in our Mother's Day glory.

Clickin Mama

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