Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Home Owner

You know I love being a home owner. I like that I have a house that is mine. I like that I'm building equity. I like that I don't answer to a landlord. Those are all great things. But I'm beginning to hate my house. I feel like something always needs to be done to it. And I know that is just part of owning a home but it's a pain. Lord knows I don't have the time or money to stay ahead of the things this house is demanding.

My A/C is about to go. It's older than dirt and doesn't even cool the whole house. But the parts it used to cool aren't very cool anymore. So the A/C repair guy is coming tomorrow to look at that. I'm dreading hearing what he has to say.

And something somewhere is leaking leaving a huge wet area on my carpet in front of the laundry room. I don't know for sure where that is coming from but hopefully the A/C guy can figure that out for me too before my carpet is totally destroyed.

And then my favorite thing right now is how my beautiful ceramic tile is coming up and cracking as the foundation shifts. SUPER! Not only is it ugly but it's also not so safe. The Hulk seems to think that you can eat grout. Not a good plan.

So the to do list just keeps on growing and the money pot keeps shrinking... UGH!

Clickin Mama

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