Saturday, May 23, 2009

What Happened To The Hulk

I got an email today from a concerned blog reader about Mr. The Hulk. They wanted to know how he got hurt because they noticed bruises on him in the bathtub pictures. I had never thought about this before I posted pics of him but it's something I'm glad they asked about.

Let me explain. The Hulk does not have bruises. Well he does have one small bruise on his knee from a wipe out the other day. But the "bruising" you can see on his back are actually Mongolian Spots or the technical definition is slate grey nerves of infancy. In layman terms they are basically areas that have excess pigmintation. Many children that are native american, asian, or black have these spots. In some cases the spots fade by the time a child is five and other times they stay forever. The Hulk has lots of spots that have not faded at all. Most often the spots are on the back and buttocks. The Hulk has a lot on his back and bottom and also has one on his arm and one on his shoulder.

I carry a sheet with me from his doctor that identifies all the spots so if I'm ever questioned I have medical documentaion stating what the spots are. You would be surprised how many parents of children with Mongolian Spots are called in for abuse. I was actually called in once and my doctor's note came in handy.

Here is another pic that shows most of The Hulk' spots. It also shows his adorable bum and chubby legs! I love those legs! One day those adorable rolls are going to disappear and I'm going to miss them!

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JalenasMommy said...

Clickin Mama...he is tooo cute!!! Adorable! My daughter Jalena has those spots too...on her back only,her dad is Jamacian and I am American, I didn't start really noticing them uptil she was about 6 months old, and I actually noticied it and accused her daycare..not knowing! Lol..her teacher explained to me what they are.