Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wonderful Day

Oh it has been a wonderful day! We needed a good day! It's been a rough week. So what made the day so wonderful you ask? Well we spent the day doing some of our favorite things. We got up very early and went on a nice long walk. We played with blocks and balls and blared the stereo loud so we could dance like fools. We went to the park and played at the play ground and we even took at nap!

But I actually got all of my flowers planted today! Wahoo! I put The Hulk in his swing in the front yard and planted flowers out there. Then when he went down for a long afternoon nap I worked in the backyard. Not only did I get all my flowers planted but I also cleaned the patio and got a bunch of junk together to take to the dump tomorrow. And I sprayed the yard for insects and weeds! Talk about productive and fun.

I just got done weeding the last flower bed and it's dark. So I'm off to take a shower and then I'm going to enjoy a nice glass of wine on my clean, flower smelling patio! Happy day!

Clickin Mama

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