Thursday, May 28, 2009


These are just some numbers that are rolling around in my head...

3 days until I go to Washington D.C.
14 months is how old The Hulk is now
33 days until my birthday
29 how old I will be!
7 loads of laundry to do
6 bills that need paid
4 the number of days I've worked out in a row
187 my blood sugar this morning
17 photo shoots scheduled for the month of June
5 days that I will be away from The Hulk
6 hours of sleep last night
342 pictures to edit
2 the number of babies my Darbis is having
19 things I really want to see in D.C
3 the number of things I will have time to see
1 mama with too many numbers in her head
Clickin Mama

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