Friday, May 1, 2009

Your Questions My Answers

Here we go with another fun round of questions and answers. I'm so glad you all feel like you can ask me things. I am a pretty open book so don't hesitate to ask me things. If for some reason I don't feel like I can answer it publicly on the blog I will most likely just email you back. Okay here it goes.

Do you really think you can handle having two children alone?

This has two answers. Do I think I can handle two children alone? Absolutely. Do I think it will be easy? Absolutely not! That's why I am waiting awhile longer before I add to our family. When the time is right everything will fall into place.

Do you sell those tutu's you made for the kids you take pictures of?

I have not sold any tutu's but I would be willing to look into this. Please if you are interested in a tutu let me know and we can talk about sizing, pricing, etc. I think they are really fun to make so I'm very open to this.

Now that The Hulk is bigger and doesn't eat baby food what do you feed him?

The Hulk still eats very healthy food. He eats LOTS of veggies. He loves veggies, there isn't one he won't eat. He eats fruit, oatmeal, yogurt, lots of whole grains and beans, some chicken, fish and red meat. I will probably be doing a post on toddler food soon.

You have mentioned before that you are diabetic. Do you take insulin?

I am a type two diabetic. I currently do not take insulin. But that may be changing soon. My blood sugar is very out of control right now. I've been sick for going on four weeks with this sore throat, lost voice, respiratory stuff. My doctor feels like it is directly related to my high blood sugar. So changes are happening. I meet with him next week to change up my meds and look at a different plan to get my sugars back under control. I actually plan to post about that meeting after it happens to hold myself accountable. My A1C level is dangerously high right now and must come down immediately. I'm at a 11.7 when I should be between 6-7. Kidney failure can begin at 10 so obviously I'm in a dangerous position and it's a bit frightening for me.

Is your sister really going to move? It seems like you two and The Hulk are together a lot for her to actually move that far away.

Yes my sister Heather is actually going to move. Her last day of work will be May 14 and then she will be coming to my house to spend the weekend and then she and Doug are filling the uhaul and heading to San Francisco. So she is actually leaving sooner than I anticipated. Heather, The Hulk, and I are very close and spend lots of time together. While this move will be a change for all of us I am confident that we can maintain regular contact. We live in an age of cell phones, web cams and airplanes. We will be seeing each other in person about every other month and we are planning to use the web cams to talk and so The Hulk can see Aunt Heather. One thing I know for sure is that no matter where Heather and I go we will always be close. This is a change and a challenge but it's also a great opportunity for her and we of course support her.

So that's all the questions and answers for today. Feel free to ask away. I will be doing another post like this next month too.

Clickin Mama

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